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We are South Gujarat based real estate professional with brand name vapi2tapi, focus on;
sale / purchase, exchange (property against property), rental services, investment ideas, management of your own properties;
in different type of commercial, agriculture and residential.

Zero Brokerage for Buyers

Please send your property details for sale with at least 4 to 5 photographs on 

Plots for sale

At Pramukh Ashiyana, Valsad

At Saibaba Mandir, Tithal, Valsad

At Jayraj Park-1 & 2, Near Civil Hospital, Valsad

At Kikarla, Near Udwada, Valsad Guj

Flats / Raw House / Bungalow for sale

Duplex at Abrama Dharampur Road, Jujva

Bungalow at Parle Point Surat

Flat at Ramji Tekra, Valsad

Ready made building at Udwada, Valsad

Flat at Parnera, Valsad, Guj.

Flat at Sulabh Society Near R.M.Park, Valsad

Flat at Tithal Road, Valsad, Guj.

Flat at Tithal Road, Adinath Complex, Valsad.

Flat at Halar Road, Valsad, Guj.

Flat at Vashi Falia, Halar Valsad

Flat at Pardi Bajar Char Rasta, Pardi, Valsad

Flat at Mograwadi, Valsad

Duplex at Pramukh Shivalay Soc, Valsad

Agriculture Land for sale

At Gorgam, Valsad. Guj

At Marla, near Jujwa, Valsad

Near Adalaj Tri Mandir, Amdavad

Industrial Land for sale

Properties on Rental basis

At Valsad Atul Indl. Shade 1500 sq. Feet